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Family Law issues are hard...I can help to make them easier.

Family Law is what I do…Whether it is a divorce, child custody, guardianship, alimony or domestic violence, the issues that bring people into family courts in West Virginia often involve complicated stories and difficult personalities.  Choosing a lawyer to help you through a family court matter can be a confusing and stressful process: you want someone who can impress a judge with his intimate understanding of family law but who can also explain that law to you as a non-lawyer; you want someone who listens to what is important to you but who is willing to tell you “no” when it makes sense; you want someone who will be tough with the other side but gentle with you.  These are the principles that guide my work in family court. 

Overtime Lawsuit Against Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College (SWVCTC)

Your Family Law Attorney in Charleston, WV

Family Law

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Employment Law

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Mark not only knows how to deal with the courts, he is also compassionate, supportive and very encouraging of his clients. Even in very discouraging circumstances he has the ability to share his hope. I was completely lost in the court system, with another attorney, until Mark stepped in and renewed my hope.