About The Law Firm

When you retain me to represent your interests in a family court case or in a dispute of some kind with an employer, you get me.  Not an inexperienced associate attorney.  Not a paralegal who—no matter how talented—is simply not the lawyer you hired.  I don’t even have a receptionist.  I am the one who writes the pleadings and deals directly with the judge’s staff when scheduling a hearing; I am the one who answers your e-mails about how to deal with a difficult boss; I am the one who responds to your panicked phone calls when your child has not been returned on time and your ex won’t answer the phone.  If access to your lawyer and personal attention are important to you, we may want to consider working together on your case.

I maintain such a small office and give my clients such quick and direct service because those things are important to the kind of law I have chosen to practice.  There are no two more personally impactful areas of law than those involving someone’s family and someone’s job or career.  These are aspects of our lives that require the greatest degree of our attention and efforts; they account for the greatest amount of our time, and; they are often the source of our greatest stresses.  When a dispute or problem in one of these areas of your life requires legal intervention, it is important the lawyer you hire have the legal skills, tools and experience to handle that problem; it is nearly as important, however, for you to find a lawyer you feel “has your back.”  It is this personal devotion to my clients and their cases that separates me from the many other lawyers you may consider hiring to handle your case.