Alimony or Spousal Support

Alimony or Spousal Support is a part of many divorce cases in which the rules are vague and the judge has a wide degree of discretion.  As a general rule, spousal support is available without regard to how long the parties have been married: in some cases, it may be awarded for a marriage of […]

Division of Marital Property

Division of Marital Property is governed by a principle called “equitable distribution.”  The idea is to identify and value all of the property the parties have acquired during the time they have been married and then achieve a division of that property that is fair or “equitable” (which does not necessarily mean “equal”).  When it […]

Child Custody and Support

Child Custody and Support can be the most difficult part of a divorce case because it may be the most important part of a divorce case.  The law encourages parents to try to agree on the custody arrangements that make the most sense for the children and for the parents.  The law also cares less […]

The Grounds for Divorce

The Grounds for Divorce are the legal reasons a court can allow you to dissolve the marriage contract you made with your spouse.  These grounds, or legal reasons, fall into two categories: fault-based and no-fault divorces.  As a general rule, a fault-based divorce such as cruel and inhuman treatment, habitual drunkenness, or adultery, requires more […]