Discrimination is also another general phrase that is used to describe workplace conduct that is directed against someone in a “protected class” because of that person’s protected characteristics (e.g., gender, race, religion, national origin, etc.).  There are no laws that say employers have to treat all of their employees the same.  There are all kinds of […]

Wrongful Discharge

Wrongful Discharge is a phrase that covers many kinds of illegal employer conduct that results in the loss of someone’s job.  It could be because you filed a workers’ compensation claim and they fired you when you could not return to work; it could be because you resisted your boss’s sexual advances; it could be because […]

Wage Cases

Wage Cases are those cases that come under the minimum wage, maximum hours and wage payment laws designed to ensure working people are paid in full and in accordance with overtime requirements.  If you think you are not being paid the required minimum wage; if you think you are wrongly being denied overtime pay when you […]