How do I decide who I should hire as my family court lawyer?

Most lawyers who regularly practice in family court will have a basic understanding of the laws that apply in family court.  The rules that decide issues in a family court case are also relatively simple (for example, the division of marital property should be relatively equal).  If most lawyers know most of these basic rules […]

How do I hire a lawyer to represent me in family court?

Finding the right lawyer is not easy.  This may seem like an easy question but there are several different answers to it.  Most lawyers now advertise or, at least, have some kind of Internet presence (a Google search for “Divorce lawyers in WV” returns over 23,000,000 hits).  Information is your most important tool in deciding […]

Do I need a lawyer to get a divorce in West Virginia?

No.  Nothing requires you to hire a lawyer to represent you in a divorce case in West Virginia.  In fact, the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia (“WVSCA”) has created a variety of forms for people who do not have lawyers to use in divorce and other kinds of family court cases.  (  These […]