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Discrimination is also another general phrase that is used to describe workplace conduct that is directed against someone in a “protected class” because of that person’s protected characteristics (e.g., gender, race, religion, national origin, etc.).  There are no laws that say employers have to treat all of their employees the same.  There are all kinds of laws, however, that say employers may not treat employees differently based on these protected characteristics.  If you are a woman caring for disabled people in their homes, the law requires you be paid the same rate as what would be paid to a similarly situated man doing the same work.  If you are blind and you need a particular computer program to “read” what is on your screen, the law requires reasonable accommodations to your disability.  If you have an ill family member and you need time off from work to help care for that person, the law affords certain guarantees for time off and job security.  These same rules apply to dishwashers, lawyers and teachers.  If you believe you are being treated differently for some reason the law forbids, contact me to discuss your situation.