Wage Cases are those cases that come under the minimum wage, maximum hours and wage payment laws designed to ensure working people are paid in full and in accordance with overtime requirements.  If you think you are not being paid the required minimum wage; if you think you are wrongly being denied overtime pay when you work more than forty hours in a week; if you think your employer is wrongfully deducting things from your check; if you think you are still owed wages after leaving a job, you may have a wage claim.  These claims can be easy for inexperienced lawyers to miss because the regulations covering these laws can be very complex.  These claims can also mean recovery of real wages you may have lost due to an employer’s negligence or greed.  In addition to the lost wages, success under these laws often means you will also receive “liquidated damages” as additional compensation for the denial of your pay.  Finally, these laws also shift the burden of paying for a lawyer from you to your employer; this means the cost of a lawyer does not reduce the amount of wages you will likely recover but will be paid directly by the other side.  Contact me if you think you may have a wage claim.