Forms cannot take the place of experienced legal advice.  The forms created by the WVSCA are intended to make it easier for non-lawyers to work through the process of handling a divorce or another kind of case in family court.  Forms, however, cannot give legal advice and they cannot respond to individual questions about your case that may be unusual or complicated.  Forms are also unable to help you make decisions in your case that could affect the outcome.  Experienced family court lawyers will use their knowledge of the law to apply to the facts of your particular case and to offer specific recommendations or answers to your questions. 

Simple issues in family law are not always that simple.  Many family court issues may appear on the surface to be very simple to resolve, such as calculating child support, for example.  Since every family court in the state uses the same child support formula—and since that formula includes the same factors such as wages, health insurance costs, day-care expenses, etc.—child support may seem to be the kind of issue where a lawyer would not be helpful.  Lawyers who understand family law and who make that work a regular part of their practice, however, may be able to identify and to raise issues in the use of the child support formula that could affect that calculation.  Has your spouse listed his overtime earnings or any other extra compensation he may receive for bonuses, per diem allowances or the personal use of a company vehicle?  Does your spouse have no income because she decided to stay home with the children rather than working outside of the home?  If your child will turn age 18 before graduating high school, will the child support end on her 18th birthday or continue beyond that date?  Your interests in family court are better protected when you have a lawyer.  Whether to hire a lawyer to represent you in family court is a personal decision.  As a general rule, however, your legal interests in family court will be better protected if you hire an experienced family court lawyer to represent you.